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Follivita 52 : 100% Safe & Natural Hair Growth Promoter, Guarantee মাত্র ৫২ দিনেই আপনার চুল পড়া বন্ধ করুন, এবং নতুন চুল এ টাক মাথা ভরে তুলুন;  ইহা ৫২ দিনের কোম্পানি গ্যারান্টি। ফলিভিটা ৫২ পন্যটি পেতে কল করুন বা এসএমএস করুন... 01913 511 799 ; 01715 75 30 41 নম্বরে।
Quality hair is one of the most precious gifts a human can hold forever. Natural & organic hair care products are gaining wider acceptance now a days. Here, the term ‘natural’ refers to the products free from harmful synthetic ingredients. These kinds of hair care products are loaded with pure herbs & plant extracts that render positive results for hair & scalp. The hair follicles start wearing out as you age; this escalates the chances of hair fall & breakage. Thus, applying homeopathic products with all-natural ingredients act as a deep protein treatment to own healthy tresses.

Follivita52 is a homeopathic hair care treatment for both males & females. It is the trust of millions of global audience and one-stop treatment for all hair-related problems. Be it a normal or chronic hair loss, excessive hair fall, breakage, dandruff, itching or baldness, this specialized product helps cure all of these problems effectively without any side effects. It promotes hair growth by stimulating hair follicles in the most natural way.

Follivita 52 has been meticulously prepared using quality ingredients to render perfect dazzling look & feel. It helps maintain optimum moisture and protein level to improve overall hair condition. It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins. With a natural aroma, this treatment is one-of-a-kind remedy for all those dreaming of a flake-free & smooth scalp. The perfect combo of oil & tablets target all possible hair disorders just within few days of usage. It boosts hair nourishment & intensifies hair growth.
Follivita-52 is a name that stands for quality. It can be used by persons irrespective of age.

Follivita-52 Bangladesh মাত্র ৫২ দিনেই আপনার চুল পড়া বন্ধ করুন


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Follivita 52 : 100% Safe & Natural Hair Growth Promoter, Guarantee মাত্র ৫২ দিনেই আপনার চুল পড়া বন্ধ করুন, এবং নতুন চুল এ টাক মাথা ভরে তুলুন; ইহা ৫২ দিনের কোম্পানি গ্যারান্টি। ফলিভিটা ৫২ পন্যটি পেতে কল করুন বা এসএমএস করুন... 01913 511 799 ; 01715 75 30 41 নম্বরে।
is a specialty Homeopathic treatment for hair problems in both male and female. It uses proven Homeopathic research, trusted by millions worldwide, for safe and effective resolution of all hair and scalp problems. Timely and as-directed use of Follivita-52 Oil and Tablets can save one from premature baldness and help in regaining lost hair.
It is a one-stop homeopathic hair care solution for all age groups and an essential treatment for hair loss, excess hair fall, excessive itching, dandruff, baldness, etc.
Prepared with carefully selected ingredients to promote hair nourishment, growth and texture, it works by improving follicle health and targets all the possible reasons causing bald patches and hair fall. The unique combination of oil and tablets rejuvenates hair, prevents hair loss and intensifies hair growth.
 চুল পড়া বন্ধ ও নতুন চুলের গ্যারান্টি ... মাত্র ৫২ দিনেই।। Follivita-52


Homeopathy is a trusted branch of medicinal systems that is primarily based on the premise that ‘like cures like’ or in broad terms the fact that ‘a substance which causes morbid symptoms in a healthy body can cure the same symptoms occurring as a manifestation of a disease.’ It is a well-researched, effective and safe system of healing that has been used for well over 200 years throughout the world. It focuses on natural healing by utilizing extracts that stimulate body’s own immune system. Homeopathy’s approach lays its foundation on the totality of your physical, emotional and mental symptoms. Homeopathic medicines are extremely effective in treating mild and chronic conditions. The primary goal of this is to relieve the symptoms of your problem permanently.
Currently, there are more than 3000 natural substances used as homeopathic remedies to treat every problem ranging from minor cold and cough to hair loss and even cancer.


Hair loss is a quite common problem among individuals of all age groups. People have been trying variety of allopathic medications and treatments to resolve scalp-related problems as well as hair loss. But, unfortunately, allopathy suppresses the symptoms rather than curing the root cause of it. Homeopathy has done wonders in treating all kinds of hair problems ranging from hair loss to rejuvenation. Today, homeopathic treatment is not just confined to consuming medicine; rather it is now backed with technology to render effective results in lesser time. This combination has brought smiles on millions of faces who were desperately searching for a permanent hair care treatment.
A normal human scalp comprises 100,000 hair follicles that take birth, mature and decay. Healthy follicles nurtures healthy hair. Homeopathic medicines promote growth of healthy follicles naturally by shedding off the damaged ones. The biggest advantage of treating hair problems with homeopathy is that it doesn’t produce any side effects even with consistent and longtime usage.


Follivita-52 is a refreshing formula that will rejuvenate & transform your hair into the one you have never imagined! You must have dreamed of flake-free, soft & silky hair that adds to your look & feel. Infused with the nature's essential extracts, this herbal product is ideal for hair loss, hair damage & overall hair care. At the time of development of this product, a potent mechanism was devised to prevent DHT hormone, one of the major causes of baldness. Follivita-52 comes in contact with hair follicle, forms a barrier against it at follicle receptor level & promotes hair growth without any further side effects. This process helps secrete less amount of DHT thereby preventing baldness. It will leave your strands soft, shiny & oil-free. It gets absorbed to the hair follicle through scalp & promotes healthier growth of hair.